東京を拠点に置く中家紘一と鈴木要による映像 / 音響プロジェクト。






Based in Tokyo. Visual/Sound project by Koichi Nakaie and Yo Suzuki.

Along with the own individual works, the project has started as creating the experimental and unfettered production and present their works irregularly.

Since the beginning of the project, they have been producing the works that goes beyond the framework by combining the colorful visual images providing with both sensitiveness and boldness by putting pictures and graphics into layers, and the mixed sound elements of electronica, ambient,instruments.

Recently, they build a new form of expression by adopting the performance elements with the emphasis on improvisation, and produce the installation works using the own universe of mixed elements of visual and sounds.

In 2014, the first album “colors” has been released from SCHOLE.

In future, a new approach of sharing a feeling among the artists from various fields and spaces will be explored, and will continue to pursue an experimental way of expression and produce works.

中家 紘一  / Koichi Nakaie     director



プロモーション映像、舞台映像、展示会用の映像から、実験映像をはじめ、紙 ,web 媒体のデザイン•ディレクション等多岐に渡る。







from Kyoto, living in Tokyo.

graphic designer and visual artist.

From the video promotion video, video stage, of exhibitions, design of web media experiment video, paper and media,

activities include art direction, etc. .

Works make up a new worldview that while valuing the image with the subject, mix of various elements from the point of view of the visual.Video works collected take the live-action material itself, change of color, to match the graphics or the like for the accent on style you prefer narrative, a collage,continue the approach in search of new possibilities of visual expression while calling independent images.

鈴木 要 / Yo Suzuki          composer









Born in 1981, from Akita.

Play the piano from 9 years old, and learn classical music.

In 2000, after admission to the University, and also begun making music using the computer at the same time as diligently to band activities.

In 2006, after graduating from university, moved to Tokyo for employment.

Begun to provide music to the Theater, such as Fashion brands from around that time.

In early 2010. live activities in earnest as akisai.

Around a keyboard instrument, making music using a variety of instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Flute).

Taking advantage of the experience of music of various genres, constructing a music ingenious.


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